making space for creativity

3 Jun

Most of the mummies I know don’t spend a lot of time concentrating on themselves. The nature of being mums to little people means we are consumed with the daily business of running houses and organising a million things at once. This is pretty much a full-time job , which doesn’t really leave much time for one very important person- ME.

Now I know, that you know, that keeping ME happy and fulfilled is pretty important, in fact having a happy self means a much happier family life. I know I am not alone in thinking this, but here is a reminder about the importance of being a happy mum from the smile collective. 

Very recently I decided to move all of the boxes, piles of fabrics, pins, scissors and other sewing paraphernalia into the shed.. ahem studio.

The very process of doing this, setting up the space, organising my things, propping up my business cards and arranging my fabric boxes gave me such an incredible feeling of well-being, a feeling I couldn’t even begin to describe. And days later when I settled in to sew, glancing out to the backyard where the kids were playing happily, the feeling returned and grew and I realised I felt so ….happy!

This is probably not such a revelation to other people, but having a special space that was completely for me, to indulge (one of) my passions just transported me away from my responsibilities and the demands of family life and what joy!!

Now, I don’t want anyone to think that there aren’t lots of very very happy times and places in my life, not at all!!! The pure joy of my children and my family are the most central and important things in my life and I would never change any of that.

I am talking though, about that sense of re-discovery of self, outside of all of the other roles in my life. I can nurture this – in my happy and creative space!

I wonder why I waited so long to make space for myself? I realise there is so much more to do to make this space inspiring but I am already loving it.

Do you have a creative space, or a happy place?


2 Responses to “making space for creativity”

  1. nicoleunderwood June 5, 2011 at 7:29 am #

    Having a happy / creative space is so important as you say. We are always so busy and rushing that sometimes we forget that even 30 minutes just to have this time to ourselves is critical to function and be happy in other areas of our lives. Just moving into a new house – I am still discovering this place, but a sun lounge out the back overlooking the back yard is great. I have managed to write a blog sitting out there while my 2 year old played in the sand pit! So it must be creative!

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