A very special order

25 Aug

Recently I was presented with a big challenge, a customer wrote to me to ask if I made quilts for adults. Well of course I jumped at the chance when she told me that

“I am looking to have 2 (most likely single size) quilts made. But not Childrens it’s for my self and my mum.

We both love orientals so was looking for one in whites and creams and beiges and one in reds and golds and greens etc.”

I adore oriental fabrics too, in fact one of the first quilts I made had an oriental theme. I still love it.

But this custom order also presented me with a huge challenge, my customer had a a vision of what she wanted, and  had to try and bring that to life for her. You know how it is, when you KNOW what you want, what is in your head is very specific.

I was a little scared about putting together the fabrics for my customer. We emailed many times to narrow down the choices. Eventually we came to a “perfect” selection.

‘Here is what we came up with…. for her quilt

Oriental fabric selections - reds and golds

and for her mum’s quilt

Orientals in golds and creams

I wanted the two quilts to be linked in some way, to reflect the obvious closeness of mum and daughter. So I used the two cream/golds in both quilts.

It is pretty special to watch a quilt like this come together, especially when the customer is so excited about the end result!! I wanted the red/gold quilt to really POP so I put on a triple border (lots of work but so worth it!).

The finished result, a rich and warm quilt with triple border

and the final result for mum!

Shimmering golds and soft creams make this lap quilt a very special gift

It truly was a privilege to make these quilts and a I had a huge sense of achievement once they were finished.

I was brought to tears by the emails sent to me by my customer when she received her quilts…

“OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL Victoria, they are even more beautiful than I had allowed my self to imagine.

I am so so so so so happy with all of the colours, you’ve done an amazing job. PERFECT! Your little sneak peak photos just didn’t do the actual real life justice!!! 

And the icing on the cake was the beautiful words you wrote in the enclosed card. Such a beautiful thought that our two quilts are linked : ) I’m very close to my mum, and this thought brought tears to my eyes!”

and when she gave her mum her special gift…

“When I showed her my quilt and the beautiful card you had written, tears welled and she said “My goodness, so much love has gone into making this quilt by someone that doesn’t even know me”.

 So your quilt now sits pride of place on the couch where she can see it every day”

Who would have thought this little venture of mine would lead me to such highs!

Things I am loving right now….

In my miniscule “time to myself” I am discovering the joy of reading other blogs… I am loving the blog “Be a fun mum”  especially the latest post about hating housework, oh how I relate!!!

I am inspired by the creativity of others especially a new discovery… Naughty shorts  and the ever gorgeous Here Kitty Kitty!

What I am up to….

I am still recovering from organising a fabulously successful fundraiser for my son’s kindy! Quite impressed with what Amanda and I achieved in putting together an amazing event!!!!

I am busy busy with custom orders and my order books are closed at the moment. I am booked up for September and am taking October off to make my kids quilts (yup they are still waiting…!) and to recharge.

I am slowly getting used to being a school mum, actually I love it!!

I am inspired by…

The very special Lilah Sophie and her family. I will be walking the “city to bay” in her honour. Please read her story.


2 Responses to “A very special order”

  1. Sarah August 25, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    Oh wow, how shocked was I to see this 🙂

    Feel very honoured that our quilts made a blog


    • littleblossomquilts August 25, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

      it was about time i wrote something about quilting and your quilts just seemed perfect xx

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