Time for a change?

26 Jan

Oh dear, I feel I have been neglecting my poor little blog lately!!

So many other things are distracting me from writing not least of which my little monkey who has been home for 6 weeks on school holidays. Throw in a house renovation, studio being taken over by appliances, and a lack of time to do anything… well you get the picture. This has also been really affecting my creative time which equals much much less sewing.

Anyway, all of this time away from creativity has made me re-think things a bit, I have seen a number of businesses that started around the same time as me close recently which is really sad to see. Most of the time it is because having a hobby/work from home business creeps into everyday life and is often done once kids are in bed, dishes done, dinner eaten and cat patted.

In fact by the time I have done all of that I don’t often have the energy and inclination to sew! Hmmm wonder why? I really don’t want to become one of those businesses that crashes and burns because of lack of balance and so I have been pondering how to manage things a bit better during this ultra busy time of my life.

So what to do? As much as I love and adore making custom quilts for my beautiful customers, I think I will take a break from this, making customs is very special but also imposes a deadline on me which is sometimes very hard to meet. Instead I think I will take a leaf from some of my lovely facebook colleagues and hold Market Nights. Market Nights are a way for me to sew at my own pace then advertise and sell my quilts to my lovely customers. It might also mean that there are more people who get the chance to own a Little Blossom Quilt!! (and perhaps reduce my stash a little bit LOL)

I welcome your thoughts on this!!! Those customers who had already negotiated custom orders for later in the year- I will definitely follow through with these orders so don’t worry!!

xxxx Victoria

PS Happy Australia Day xx


2 Responses to “Time for a change?”

  1. Claire T January 26, 2012 at 12:09 pm #

    I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. Getting the work life balance right is pretty tricky! Looking forward to adding to my original purchase at one of your market nights.

    • littleblossomquilts January 26, 2012 at 12:28 pm #

      Thanks Claire! Yes it is so tricky, especially with little ones and other work commitments! x

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