A quilt made of love…

11 Dec

It all started about 18months ago, my little guy chose some cute fabrics with the promise that mummy would make him a quilt. He patiently waited and waited for mummy to get her act together and make his quilt, in the meantime he saw so many beautiful quilts fly out the door to other little boys and girls. His quilt always got pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Then one day I spied some truly gorgeous fabric online…the absolutely perfect combination for him- in his fave colours red and black. I couldnt help myself and bought these fabrics intending to get right onto making his quilt…. and I did!

When I gave him a sneak peek of the fabrics he looked at me quietly and said- “is that for me mum?” and when I said it was he whispered “thankyou”. He then told me “I will give you some free time to sew mum”. Oh the cuteness of kids.

It s afunny thing, I love all of the quilts I make but this one truly was stitched with love and now I cant help buy smile as I watch him sleep soundly under his pirate quilt each night. My heart bursts with pride.

Now if only I could settle on some fabric for my little Miss who loves “pink and sparkly, don’t I mum?”, so that I can do her equal justice.

And on another note..

I read somewhere today that it is thirteen days until Christmas, I welcome the holidays with open arms this year, we are all walking around with very tired heads and we need to refresh!

Are you still madly preparing for Christmas? This year I have it firmly under control, even with a house renovation and a portable loo….. you can imagine whats on my Christmas list? Something starting with “T”!



One Response to “A quilt made of love…”

  1. Alexis December 13, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    Oh that is just a beautiful quilt!! Your son is one special guy:)

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